Making the Most of IVF Acupuncture

IVF AcupunctureA growing number of people in our society today are being affected by infertility. In some situations, these infertility problems can be addressed with regular medicine, while some people choose surgery. However, if you do not want to undergo an operation or take a lot of medicine, you can always opt for an IVF treatment and there are several ways to improve the outcome such as the inclusion of acupuncture. The fertility levels during the embryo transfer tend to double with the application of acupuncture. In spite of the medical advancement, people are still having trouble in conceiving and some prefer the in vitro fertilization method.

The IVF acupuncture includes the insertion of fine needles into specific areas of the body to increase the flow of energy. Most acupuncture experts believe that the fertility conditions are brought on by the blockages in the pathways (also called meridians) to the reproductive body organs. The idea is to stimulate the particular points in order to unblock those areas, thereby restoring fertility.

How Much Does it Cost?

Generally speaking, the cost of IVF requires a substantial amount of money. But once you get the result you have been wishing for, it will be worth the expense. At a glance, there are the laboratory fees. In the case of in vitro fertilization, the best egg cell and sperm cell will be picked, and later put together for fertilization. You will also have to deal with some medication costs.  Considering that the human female body is unique, it is difficult to estimate the amount of the medication you need and the duration you need to them. Therefore, it is hard to determine the costs of your own IVF treatment.

What are the Benefits?

Using IVF treatment with acupuncture is considered to have a lot of benefits. Acupuncture is known to prevent ovarian hyperstimulation, and minimize the negative effects of the commonly used fertility medicine, Lupron. It also increases the flow of blood to the reproductive system, which includes the womb. Several studies have also revealed that women who acquire acupuncture treatment on the actual day of the embryo transfer have increased the pregnancy rates.

Acupuncture has proven to lower the levels of stress, which helps to hinder fertility. Stress causes the blood circulation to be rerouted away from the reproductive organs in the direction of the stress coping glands. Acupuncture helps a person to relax, consequently restoring the supply of blood to the uterus and the rest of the reproductive organs.

When it comes to IVF, it is essential for your hormones to be balanced and acupuncture can greatly help on this. The needles increase the release of endorphins, which affect the production of the reproductive hormones that regulate the function of the ovarian and control the menstrual cycle. In addition, acupuncture reduces the adverse reactions from taking fertility drugs, which contribute to the thinning of the uterine lining and thus, negatively affect the implantation. The improved blood circulation to the uterus as a result of acupuncture is able to reverse this. It regulates the hormones and relaxation, thus decreasing the miscarriage rates.

There are many women who prefer not to undergo acupuncture for IVF treatment method mainly because of the usage of needles. However, those women who already experienced the treatment are now great advocates, claiming that it is quite a relaxing procedure and the acupuncture needles are not painful at all.

What You Can Do

Whether or not you go for an acupuncture with IVF will be based on your attitude to the treatment itself. If you are stressed about the entire process, it could be counterproductive and just add to your stress levels. And so, it is worth knowing that most people who experienced the fine needles claimed that they give very little, if any, pain and discomfort.

Whatever activities you do in your daily life, diet is important. IVF treatment methods will be effective if you give great importance to a healthy diet. Following a poor diet regime during an IVF procedure can have an unfavorable effect and result in low fertility rate. If you are treated with in vitro fertilization, make sure you avoid eating foods with preservatives and additives. You should also avoid alcohol and caffeine, as they are considered to be fertility disruptor. Moreover, be sure to drink plenty of water. If you are really serious in increasing your chances of conceiving through IVF acupuncture, remember that it is essential to practice a healthy diet and lifestyle. It is one of the best approaches to increase your IVF result.


Your decision to proceed with an IVF treatment is not easy. It may take its toll on you physically, emotionally and financially. But needless to say, the amazing benefits are great. Of course, you want to increase your chances of getting pregnant, and want to do everything possible. And one effective consideration is opting for acupuncture with IVF treatment.

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