What Is Healthy Is Not Always Healthy

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What you thought is healthy is no more so. Every year the most common New Year resolution remains to stay fit. However, how many are able to fulfill this promise? The irony is that people taking these pledges are unaware that the diet has no impact on their health. Sometimes it could turn out to be harmful as well.

Many celebrities endorse juice cleansers. It is touted as a way to cleanse the body of toxins, make you feel energized, cleanse your skin and leave a shine on your hair. But do these cleansers do this in real? Well, people have to understand that liver and kidney conducts the role of removing toxins. There is no need for a special diet to cleanse your system. The trick here is that juices are not as effective as eating the whole fruit or vegetables. For instance, carrot juice is devoid of fiber that is rich in the vegetable. Juice cleanse definitely helps reduce weight due to its low calorie count, but too much of calorie reduction is not good for health.

Always HealthyVitamin tablets are not going to help you in any way, and it is just an investment done in the wrong place. Taking vitamin pills and not eating vegetables and leafy greens is not going to help. Studies reveal that there are no health benefits in vitamin pills. Over dosage of multivitamin supplements can lead to neurological problems. Sometimes it can lead to liver damage, nausea, and other illness.

Antibacterial soap does not leave you healthy says Food and Drug Administration. Using antibacterial soap has no better effects than regular soap. If you think antibacterial soap can prevent the spread of germs, then you need to reconsider as they may contain chemicals causing health risks over long term exposure.

The primary dieting trend is using low fat and high protein diet. Most of these are aimed at weight loss. However, remember that reduce a particular food can cause more damage than good. Always remember that too much or too little of anything could damage your health. Similarly, overloading with protein and cutting on fat is not going to help in any way. In turn, too much of protein can damage your kidneys. Intake of fruits and vegetables is good when cooked as it unlocks the nutrients than when taken in raw form.

Healthy Is Not Always HealthyHealthy labels are not meant to be healthy. Many shoppers prefer whole wheat or whole grain bread than white bread. Even whole wheat bread is baked with sugar and other ingredients that can be unhealthy. Natural does not always mean to be good. Natural chicken or other products that are termed naturals are not necessarily better.

Athletes often use energy bars, and every department store or supermarket is loaded with energy bars and people are crazy substituting it for lunch or dinner. Dieticians warn that it is sugar packed and is a cause of concern. Instead, add fruits and veggies are a lot healthier. Though it is a convenient meal, it is not the healthiest.

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